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Al Fresco Dining

Take advantage of our Irish summer while it lasts!

With the sunshine, long evenings, and summer breezes, you’re probably feeling the urge to hangout outside as much as possible. Well, one delightful way to extend your time outdoors is to dine al fresco.

Al fresco dining can be a lively and entertaining way to have family dinner or even invite guests over for a more casual get together. In the fresh, open air you may be inclined to linger over your meal. To savour the different flavours. To enjoy the company of your family and friends. To relax and unwind.

So unpack the garden furniture. Pick some fresh flowers for the table centrepiece. And possibly open a bottle of crisp white wine.

Then you have to choose what mouthwatering fare you’re going to serve. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Impress your guests with a delicious, fresh menu. Chef Brendan has provided possible options including the recipe to his Tomato Cocktail starter.

Sample Menu

Starter: Tomato Cocktail, Marinated Yellow & Plum Tomato, Kiwi Dressing, Crispy Croutons

Recipe (10 Portions)

Kiwi Dressing:

  • 6 Kiwi
  • 30ml White Wine
  • 60g Honey
  • 30g Spinach
  • 120g Olive Oil

For the dressing, peel the kiwis and blend all ingredients together, adding oil slowly.

After completing the dressing, set aside. Slice yellow and plum tomatoes and peaches if desired. Serve in Martini glass with crispy croutons on the side.

Main: Pan Seared Seabass, Cauliflower Puree, Smoked Bacon, Pickled Green Bean & Cucumber Salad, Red Wine Jus

Dessert: Seasonal Berry Meringue Roulade, Redberry Coulis

Revel in the warm weather and sunshine while it lasts. And be sure to try dining al fresco. You’ll find it a refreshing and pleasant change of pace.

Don’t want to cook? Join us in Bellini’s Bar & Restaurant for al fresco dining in Cork with a drink and light bite on our beautiful garden patio.

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