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Healthy Lunch

Healthy Lunches for a Healthy Mind and Body

With September just around the corner you might feel its time to get back into a routine.  So we have put together some tips for preparing some healthy lunches that will keep you full up and on track. The best way to start the day is with a healthy and filling Breakfast.  This will set you…

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Why book a Spa Facial?

Why book a Spa Facial?  And how can this help from free radical damage?  We all know we need ingredients to protect our skin like SPF, vitamins, plant actives, peptides, marines actives, AHAs, BHAs and in particular, Antioxidants! Our skin is under attack 24 hours a day by free radicals. However, one might question how…

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Maryborough Club Health Tips Run

10 Minute Holiday Workout

We often get asked, “What should I do to stay toned while away on Holiday?”  We rarely have access to a Gym and even if we do, we do not particularly want to spend a lot of time in the Gym when we can be by the Pool or at the Beach. Another question that…

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Marcos Triathlon Victory

Marcos’ Second Triathlon Victory

The last weekend, on Saturday the 30th I did a triathlon competition in Tralee, organised by Tralee Triathlon Club that took place in Fenit, a beautiful spot about 10km west of Tralee town. Andrea, my girlfriend, picked up this event as part of her triathlon season because they offered a short distance and very attractive…

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Jesse Winter -Maryborough Personal Trainer

Ring of Beara Cycle 2016

The warmer weather had made its way to Ireland and the Cycling season was upon us and so it was now time to achieve the goal I had set myself at the start of the year… to conquer the Ring Of Beara 140km cycle. I love to Cycle but to get the best out of…

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Functional v Isolated Training

Functional Training -v- Isolated Training

Too Often I see people spending hours in the gym using isolated exercises to perform their workouts when they should be incorporating functional movements that will assist us with everyday life activities. Today I will discuss the benefits of Performing Functional Movements over Isolated exercises. What are functional movements?  A functional movement allows you to…

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